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New Free Films Site Opens Big in the UK

London, England (PRWEB) July 8, 2009

New online venture IndieMoviesOnline is pleased to announce its UK launch figures.

The new video-on-demand site streams feature films free to the end user. During its launch month, June, the site attracted 125,000 unique users and delivered 2,000,000 advertising impressions.

“We are building a platform for independent filmmakers and bringing movie lovers free, quality films,” says Peter Sermol, CEO of IndieMoviesOnline. “The advertising-funded format means we can reach millions of people with free films. It's a genuine alternative to illegal torrents.”

IndieMoviesOnline hosts fully licensed films as well as providing movie lovers with daily news, reviews, interviews and community features. The site currently streams films in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, with more countries set to go live over the next few months.

The site's offering is independent films from around the world. The most popular films during June were Lantana, a multi-award-winning drama staring Geoffrey Rush; Doghouse director Jake West's comedy horror Evil Aliens; Jerry Stiller's The Independent; and Peter Greenaway's Rembrandt's J'Accuse.

IndieMoviesOnline shows free movies in DVD quality, within a large 830 x 465 pixel video player and streams a high quality version at around 1mb per second, and a lower quality version for those with slower internet speeds.

Film rights holders are paid a royalty each time a movie is viewed and revenue is generated by selling advertising before the feature presentation and in the editorial areas of the site. Once started, the films play uninterrupted.

Further information:

IndieMoviesOnline is a new film site, streaming free movies to watch on-demand along with movie news, reviews and community features. Launched in May 2009, the site is currently open in UK, USA, Canada and Australia. The service delivers streams via CDNetworks one of the worlds biggest content delivery networks, and advertising is sold through 24/7 Real Media a WPP company. The site was designed, built and is now operated by film-loving UK creative agency, Nipper. IndieMoviesOnline is funded by private equity.

Understanding How Downloading Services Work

Today, if you want to buy or rent a movie, you have a lot of options. You can drive or walk to a store, pick up a movie and return it when you’re done. If you’d rather not make the trip, you can sign up for a service and have your movies delivered to you. If you don’t want to wait for the mail either, you can order and download movies online. This is where free movies come into the quotient. In most cases, you can begin to watch free movies online within minutes of starting your download.

There is much to be said about downloading content from the internet. Most important of all is the legality issue. For example, the not yet released or latest movies online are most usually branded as illegal. Until recently, most people who downloaded movies online were using peer-to-peer file sharing programs to share pirated videos. This usually violated copyright laws, but now there are lots of legal businesses that offer movies for sale or rent online as well as allowing you to watch movies online.

Terms of use, system requirements and selection of titles can vary widely from one to another. Similarly, different sites can use different protocols and applications to deliver movies. However, there are some things that remain basic to every web portal. For example, the most viable component is the website where such movies are to be shopped or downloaded from. These portals organize their titles much the way retail sites do.

Once you make a decision, some sites require you to use a download manager, like u torrent, to get your movies. This is a program that can add your movies to a queue, resume paused downloads and keep track of which movies you’ve selected and paid for.

Here are the basic steps to download movies online:

1. Log into your account.

2. Choose the movie you want to rent or buy. Depending on the site’s setup, you might place it in a shopping cart or go straight to the purchasing options.

3. If applicable, the Web site’s software checks your parental control information to make sure the movie complies with your settings. If necessary, the site can check your subscription information to make sure you have not used all of your allotted downloads.

4. The Web site stores your choice in a database. The site’s software uses this information to make recommendations to you and to determine royalty fees owed to the company that owns the rights to the movie.

5. Billing software determines how much money you owe and presents you with a final total.

6. The site encrypts the details of your financial transaction so other people can’t see it.

7. The site’s content delivery system starts your download and notifies you when you can begin watching. Depending on the site’s setup, you can download a file or view your movie as streaming video. When using a streaming format, the site sends the movie to your computer as a stream of information, and your player decodes it as you watch.

Watch Movies Online Completely Free

As the internet is becoming a major part of our daily lives, it is becoming easier to watch newly released movies online. There are all sorts of benefits to watching movies online as opposed to going to the cinema or spending money that you haven’t got at the local blockbuster store.


Firstly – you can watch newly released movies online in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to pay a penny for a cinema ticket! Secondly – some video stores are now charging up to $10 a night to rent a DVD. Why would you spend that money when you can watch movies online for free?

When you watch movies through your home cable or satellite package there are usually extra fees you have to pay for those movie, film or “specialty” channels. Watching movies online completely eliminates those fees with a click of your mouse button.

A lot of people are searching for this type of service but they are often disappointed with what they find. There are certain websites that advertise having free movies that you can watch and when you arrive at the site you are asked to fill out a survey or install an intrusive advertisement service to your PC. Luckily for you these disappointing and time consuming experiences are over!

There is now a completely different way of watching movies online for free. You won’t have to fill out any surveys or install anything on your computer because all of your favorite movies are being hosted on well known video websites like YouTube and Google Video.

When users signed a contract with these video sites they were warned not to upload infringing content. But, because there are so many users of these websites it means they are getting harder and harder to police the uploaded content. The users who are uploading the movies are getting smarter and more cunning by disguising the movies name with a random code so website administrators can’t search and remove them, meaning, luckily for you, (the viewer), you can watch more and more movies online for free!

But how do you find all these movies when they’re all disguised by a code? The answer is simple! You go to a site which finds the movies for you! These movies websites don’t host any content but are updated daily with direct links to all of your favourite movies. One click will send you directly to a huge archive of free movies to watch online!

You can find movies from all sorts of genres including: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Crime, Drama, Family, Film Noir, Game-Show, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, News, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short, Sport, Talk Show, Thriller, War, Western, Hindi and Korean.

Each movie post includes a movie synopsis, photos and screenshots, followed by a direct link for you to watch the movie. There are generally movie forums on the websites so you can take part in different movie discussions with other members to add to the community feeling.

Watch Free Movie Online – Why Pay High Movie And Cable Rentals?

With the mounting prices of movie and cable rental outlets, businesses are en route to another method. Companies now put forward the opportunity to watch free movie online for a restricted time. Nowadays, there are many online movie stores to discover on the Internet. Joining the cause are several highly regarded and well-liked businesses such as Google. The types of movies you might find differ with each company, including iFilms and Atomfilms.

When you want to watch free movies online, there are a plethora of options available to pick from. The selections you might come across are usually trial, instructive, or documentary. Trendy picture titles that previously graced the silver screen will require you to pay a monthly fee. However, prior to paying any fees, you should have a look at the services of watching free movies online. You can do this by getting a free trial subscription that many companies offer, which for a determined period of time is absolutely free.

What You Need To Watch Free Movies Online

Vongo, which is a company you might have seen on many commercials, offers the online community a comparable selection of movies. You can enjoy both newer and older titles such as Daddy Day Care, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Fog, or Rent. These movies can be downloaded or watched online and all this absolutely free! However, the trial subscription will only last for fourteen days.

Before joining these sites, you should consider the space on your computer. Most movie titles range from very large 1.0 or 1.3 gigabytes to smaller ones that range from five hundred to seven hundred megabytes. The large movie files, will have a higher quality, but take longer to download. You should expect to wait about forty to sixty minutes for the download to complete. Once the trial subscription has ended, you will be charged a fixed price each month, which is typically around ten dollars.

A key factor to consider if you want to watch free movie online is the connection speed. If you are using a broadband connection or a DSL, you will get good quality films to watch. The same cannot be said about a modem. Consider watching movies which are streaming in nature. You can watch as soon as the downloading process starts instead of having to completely download and watch.

For watching free movie online, you should have all the required software. Normally, windows have a media player. You can also download RealPlayer for free. Most online movie sites offer download links. Close all other applications when you begin to watch movie online as it might effect the quality of the movie you are watching. Don’t forget to experiment with the settings of the media player to enhance your movie watching experience.

The Pros and Cons of Watching Free Online Movies

Online movies can save you both time and money. By watching free movies online, you eliminate the need of visiting the rental store or movie theater ever again. You can watch free movies online right at home with the internet and your computer.

You can take as long as you need to watch free movies online. There is no due date and no late fees associated with them. You can also take the time to actually choose your movies, you don’t have to quickly read the summaries and decide based on that. With online movie rentals you can get full and detailed information which might include character lists and movie summaries. This helps you make informed decisions and make great use of your time and money.

Frequently, the movies offered are restricted because talks with every motion picture company must be completed. You may not have the ability to view the film you have been waiting months to view. If you do not have patience, this might not be the best choice for you. When renting from an offline outlet, you get to select the movie and then carry it home. It is ready to go into your DVD or VCR player. When getting online movies, once the download is completed you are ready to go. In some cases, you will be able to watch free movies online while you download, but this is not the case with every online movie company.

Even though you can watch free movie online for a restricted time, several customers seldom stay on for the reason that they think they have gone through all of the probable movies to view.

Given that online movies are viewed on the computer screen, restrictions do exist. The movie has to be watched right at the computer. In most cases, the computer screen is much smaller than the television set. Furthermore, to get quality sound, you need a set of really superior speakers. You might have a computer that will allow you to hook it up to your television set. However, if you do not, you can purchase the equipment that will allow you to do this.


With the mounting prices of movie and cable rental outlets, businesses are en route to another method. Companies now put forward the opportunity to watch free movie online for a restricted time. Nowadays, there are many online movie stores to discover on the Internet. Joining the cause are several highly regarded and well-liked businesses such as Google.

Watch Movies Online Free Without Download

It is now more convenient for internet users to watch movies online free without download. It’s because nowadays internet providers deliver much faster internet speed service. No need to download those movies and keep them on your harddisk, considering movies are really big files and will eat alot of space on our computers.

And because movies have big files, downloading them really takes time. It’s really much better to watch movies online free without downloading them. Why wait so long downloading a movie when you can watch alot of movies online free directly without the hassle of downloading. Much lesser time waiting for those movies to be watched and more movies to enjoy.
There are lots of websites online nowadays that offer online streaming of movies but it’s really hard to find a reliable site that has real good source of movie collections of particularly the old and new movies. Some doesn’t even have the real video of a paricular movie we are finding, the most recent one in particular.

As I tried to search some major search engines like Google and Yahoo for free movies I found out that big part of movie websites offer free movies for download and only few are giving visitors online streaming videos of movies. I also found out that some of them doesn’t even have the real videos of movies, either the video is broken or sometimes the video is only a trailer of that certain movie. That’s why everytime I find new good source of movies that offers online streaming I really make sure I bookmarked it.
Finding good websites that has good source of movies available for streaming is such a nice experience. Indeed a convenient way of watching movies without the hassle of time-consuming downloadings of large movie files. And the best part is it’s free!
So if you found one good source, enjoy and watch movies online free without download hassles.


List of Free Movies for PSP

PlayStation Portable, better known as PSP, was launched by Sony in May, 2004 and is a portable gaming console. The PSP is the first handheld gaming console which incorporates an optical disc format of Universal Media Disc as its medium of primary storage. Besides this, other distinctive features of the PSP are a large screen, sound multimedia options and the ability to connect to PS2, PS3, other PSPs and the Internet. Apart from games, you can also download lots of free movies, videos and music on your PSP and can optimize your console to its greatest extent!

Free PSP Movies to Download

Here is a list of some great movies that you can download on your gadget and enjoy while traveling long distances! These movies are available for download in PSP compatible format from a lot of legitimate online sources, such as YouTube and PlayStation Store. Browse through the following list and get spoiled for choice over the variety of free download options available!

  • King of Fighters
  • Shoot the Hero
  • Robin Hood
  • Wild Target
  • Macgruber
  • The Truth
  • The Other Guys
  • The Expendables
  • Beatdown
  • The Killer Inside Me
  • Basement
  • My Own Love Song
  • Dobol Trobol
  • Transporter 3
  • The Twilight Saga – Eclipse
  • Price of Persia
  • Salt
  • Ong Bak 3
  • Burning Bright
  • Furry Vengeance
  • The Last Song
  • Me and Orson Welles
  • Chloe
  • Repo Men
  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse
  • Kick-Ass
  • Cop Out
  • The Runaways
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Remember Me
  • The Bounty Hunter
  • Our Family Wedding
  • Clash of the Titans
  • Unthinkable
  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  • Operation: Endgame
  • The Wronged Man
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Green Zone
  • A Single Man
  • Extraordinary Measures
  • From Paris with Love
  • The Book of Eli
  • Nine
  • The Wolfman
  • Avatar
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Daybreakers
  • The Men Who Stare at Goats
  • Edge of Darkness
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon
  • 2012
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • The Fourth Kind
  • The Box
  • The Stepfather
  • Amelia
  • Saw VI
  • I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
  • Final Destination
  • District 9
  • Terminator: Salvation
  • Angels and Demons
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
  • Jennifer’s Body
  • Carriers
  • Spread
  • The Omen
  • Order of Chaos
  • Babies
  • The Switch
  • Open House
  • WALL•E
  • Drag Me to Hell
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
  • Despicable Me
  • Knight and Day
  • Toy Story 3
  • The Avengers
  • Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
  • Prometheus
  • Deadline

… and the list goes on!! You can download music and videos from YouTube, in different formats, and watch them on your PSP by converting them to PSP video formats. PSP Video 9, Ultra PSP Movie Converter, PSP Video Express, iSkysoft PSP Movie Converter, Aiseesoft PSP Movie Converter and PSPVC are good examples of media file converters for PSP and most of these are free and can be downloaded directly from various websites.

PSP Compatible Video Formats

There are two video formats that are currently compatible for playing on PSP – MPEG-4 SP and MPEG-4 AVC. Also, the PSP mainly uses different variants of MPEG-4 codes and the first PSP model solely supported the MPEG-4 SP video format. The latter upgraded models started additionally using H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10, which is more simply known as Advanced Video Coding or AVC and the Audio Video Interleave or AVI format. The PSP consoles are also known to support certain AVI format compression schemes such as Motion JPEG. One peculiarity of PSP video formats is that if you use lower case while naming PSP video formats, the PSP won’t recognize the files!

Take advantage of these converter software and get a collection of some great free movies for the next time you plan a long journey or save your soul during those sleepless nights when you’re torn between your desire to catch a movie and your reluctance to leave the comfort of those sheets and set up your laptop/DVD player! Avoid boredom and have fun even during those unbelievably lazy spells!

Free Streaming Movies Available Online

In today’s fast moving online community you can now watch free movies online. There are copious amounts of websites available online all promising movies for free but most of these websites are highly unreliable and a lot of them are highly illegal too.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Watch Streaming Movies Films Online Now Free Watch Streaming The Full New Top Movies Films Videos At List Cinema Clips For Download Online In Theaters A Youtube

However there is a small handful of legal websites out there which do offer full streaming movies which can be watched for free. In times of recession people cannot afford to go to the cinema or down to their local movie shop. So instead they turn to websites which allow them access to a range of films for free. So every cinema fan stuck at home is actually able to watch their favourite movies in just a few clicks. 

When visiting online movie websites all you need to do is use your common sense. If the movies available have just been launched at the cinema then you will know that the website potentially has no legal rights to stream that film so don’t watch it. A few websites however so have a library of movies that they are legally allowed to stream and so watching these movies online is totally reliable and safe.

The benefits of websites that offer streaming movies are that the quality of the pictures is very high and crystal clear. The main advantage in watching these movies is that they are free and instantly available. For those people that are interested in older movies which they may not be able to find in the video shop then these people should be able to watch them online. However there are still some people around the world who have very little knowledge about these online streaming movies or they feel they are all illegal websites.

However this is not the case as there are a select few websites that can offer these services for free.  The way these fully legal websites work is that they pay for a  license for all the feature films they stream. So by watching movies on these websites you are actually helping to support filmmakers because the they pay royalties to the filmmakers.

These free online movie websites are also a great source of news, features and reviews about new and old movies. So what you waiting for, there is a whole library of free movies ready for you to browse and watch.

One website which is recommended is Indie Movies Online who are associates with the UK Film Council and IFTA. This streaming movie provider hosts and delivers loads of full free films both legally and safely.

Watch free movies online – Its benefits

This article speaks about the various benefits offered by the online movie websites to the internet users.

In this busy world, many do not have time to visit a cinema theatre to watch a movie. There could also be many who like to catch up on the latest movie releases during the free time at office. One had to either carry the movie CD to experience a movie or should go to a theatre. Lately, there are many websites on the internet which offers the unique benefit to watch free movies online. This allows one to enjoy their favorite movie from anywhere across the globe. All that is required is a laptop or a personal computer with an internet connection. These free movie sites are dedicated sites which host the latest movies in full length to be watched by the internet users. This acts like a dream to the movie buffs as they can watch their favorite movies whenever they want.

There are many benefits offered by the free movie websites. The first and the foremost benefit is the ease of use. The various movies of all genres are stored on their server and one just needs to access the website and select the movie to play the particular movie. Having a good internet connection ensures smooth buffering of the movie. The website is also well designed and organized neatly to make the selection and search of movies easier. There are numerous movies avialable on these websites and the search of a particular movie can be done directly through the search bar or going by the categories or genres. These free movie websites also would update the user with the latest trailers. Other categories such as the top movies according to the user ratings are also put up to help one easily choose the best movies.

The videos in these sites are of High Definition (HD) quality. These free websites allow the user to watch free movies online without any specialized software or installation. By an instant play, the users can enjoy high quality movies. Another unique benefit offered by these websites is that they are available at no cost. By registering to these websites, one can enjoy all the services offered by the free movie sites.