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How can I watch movies online without any downloads?

I want to watch movies in the internet for free but without any downloads

Is their a website that lets you watch movies in HI-DEF?

And is their is where??

And I want a website that is SAFE!

Best site to watch movies online is http://www.mywatchers.com

They have some of the newest movies online, and they are really good quality, plus you don't have to download anything.



(don't forget my 10points 🙂

How can i watch movies online using firefox so do not get stopped as limit overdue?

How can i watch movies online using firefox so do not get stopped as limit overdue as it happens with megavideo? I just do not want to pay a membership actually.


You can Watch FULL Lenght movies online for free without any problems on limits at:


You can watch as many movies as you like every day at not cost for you and you do not have to worry about limits as on megavideo 😉

What is a safe way to download movies online?

What's a safe website where I can download movies online? I know about “thedownloadswitch,” which has safe links. However, it doesn't have a lot of the movies I'm looking for. What is another good website that has safe and free downloads?

safe and free don't play well together, especially if you want big diversity. I use http://www.bnwmovies.com since I love black and white movies. All the movies on this site are free since they are public domain (very old)

When I watch movies online they keep pausing on there own?

I watch movies online, I guess they are just streamlined and they continually pause on there own. Do I need to download them or is there a video thing I need to download.

you should put the movie on pause and let it load for a while,then watch it normal